In 2016, SAMS programs in Lebanon provided 122,378 medical services. Read more in our 2016 Annual Report

SAMS operates multiple medical relief programs in Lebanon. These programs target vulnerable populations, aimed at proving free and diverse medical services to Syrian refugees.

Over 1 million Syrian refugees are registered in Lebanon, an overwhelming figure given Lebanon’s small size and population. SAMS proudly supports medical care in Lebanon to ensure that all receive the care they deserve.  SAMS supports several medical facilities that provide care including physiotherapy, dental care, internal medicine, OBGYN care, pediatrics, general surgery, orthopedics, imaging services, ophthalmology, urology and basic lab work. Additionally, SAMS operates a surgical center in Tripoli that provides services twenty-four hours a day. This facility provides surgeries in the fields of orthopedics, general, reconstructive, urology, ENT, and gynecology.

Refugees of all ages in Lebanon often experience new psychological difficulties after experiencing violence in Syria and adapting to life as a refugee in Lebanon. SAMS sponsors a psychosocial care program in Bekaa Valley to assist mothers and support healthy child-rearing practices, treat anxiety and speech disorders in children, and address the psychological wounds of victims of arrest and torture.

SAMS has also initiated multiple medical campaigns to address needs faced by medical staff treating refugees throughout the country. The Together Toward Better Health campaign provided medical education and basic services for 1,812 Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley. The Insulin for Life campaign in Tripoli and Bekaa Valley provided diabetes workshops for physicians and nurses, insulin administration and diabetes care training for patients and their families. The campaign also distributed free insulin supplies. In coordination with Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), SAMS initiated the Nebulizer Campaign in Tripoli and Bekaa Valley. The campaign provided education for families and distributed nebulizer  devices for children suffering from asthma and bronchospasm attacks. SAMS also partners with several organizations in Lebanon to distribute winterization kits in Arsal and Bekaa Valley to help many survive the harsh winter.

SAMS organizes frequent medical missions and medical trainings to help support programs and medical personnel on the ground with knowledge, expertise, capacity needed to handle the high volume of caseloads. In 2016 alone, SAMS has organized four medical and training missions to Lebanon. Take a look at our upcoming mission to Lebanon here.

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