SAMS Medical Training for Syrian Healthcare Workers

To address the gaps in healthcare provision left by shortages of medical staff, SAMS established and supports educational programs focused on training medical personnel and providing the skills needed to save lives.

In 2012, SAMS launched a medical training program that continue today with training sessions held in Turkey every three months. The program, which focuses on the escalating demand for trauma and critical care, has grown since its initiation to ensure that Syrian medical personnel receive comprehensive training for vital skills needed to save lives. Program courses pair medical lectures with hands-on training for various topics including life-saving tools and techniques, updating and standardizing hospital practices, the recognition and treatment of victims of sexual and gender-based violence, and specialty care like dialysis. 

This program has trained more than 770 physicians, nurses, and medical technicians.

As the conflict worsened, SAMS established additional training programs inside Syria to reach more health workers. In 2014, the nursing school in Aleppo was established to train nurses for field work. The school is led by more than 19 doctors and technicians as they teach students both theoretical and practical curriculums covering topics such as Nursing Ethics, Medical Science, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, and more. In 2015, SAMS began supporting work at the Medical Technicians Institute in East Ghouta. This institute provides vocational training for students as lab technicians and anesthesia technicians. Education tracks at the institute are led by a pharmacist, an anesthesiologist, a vascular surgeon, and a rehabilitation physician, with additional training provided by medical staff working in East Ghouta. Medical education ensures that future medical professionals in Syria receive the support needed to build skills and save lives now and in the future.

Medical Education & Training

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