SAMS works to save lives in Syria and neighboring countries, support health workers and rebuild healthcare.

Programs in Syria:

In Syria, SAMS operates 139 medical facilities that provide general and specialized medical care for Syrians in need and supports more than 1,880 medical personnel inside Syria. Programs range from primary care to more specialized treatment in order to provide effective and needs-based healthcare in Syria.

Programs in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Bangladesh, and beyond:

SAMS supports hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece, as well as provides medical care to affected populations in Bangladesh and beyond. SAMS provides vulnerable populations with medical and specialized care, winterization support, and psychosocial programs. SAMS operates the largest medical facility in Al-Zaatari Camp in Jordan, and SAMS organizes frequent medical missions to these areas with volunteers who donate their time and skills to provide refugees with free and quality healthcare.


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